General Links

Linking Math with Literature

Use these sites to find lists of books by grade level and math topic:

  • Mathematics and Children’s Literature.  Extensive list sorted by math topic and grade levels. Mostly for elementary grades.  Additional lists for preschool and middle/high school.  Also teacher resources.  Compiled by Elaine Young at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi.
  • Math Solutions List of literature books featured in Math Solutions publications, with recommendations for math topic and grade levels.  Math Solutions was started by Marilyn Burns.
  • Everyday Mathematics Look up your grade level and find a literature list for topics covered in the Everyday Mathematics curriculum. Literature lists for every grade level.  Everyday Mathematics was developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.

Enrichment and Practice

These sites will help you plan enrichment activities for your students:

  • Illuminations Resources for teaching math, from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Teacher resources, and activities for children to practice math and explore new ideas.
  • Math Moments Resources for parents and teachers. Website developed by Charyl  Kerns Hills, Elementary Math/Technology Integration Specialist with the support of math specialists in the Council Rock School District in Newtown, PA.