Funbook 2 Links

Activities related to books featured in Funbook 2 (BLUE).

Amanda Bean

Factorize.  Enter a number. Click and drag to make rectangular arrays.

Concentration.  Use for multiplication, fractions, and percents.

Times Table.  Chart for practicing multiplication facts.



Dollar Words.  Test your word to find its total if a=1, b=2, etc.


Emeka’s Gift

Africa Map Puzzle.  See countries. Drop them onto the map of Africa.

Thumb Piano.  Play music by clicking the mouse or using numbers.

Nigerian Stories.  Printed stories (no pictures).



Graphing Tool.  Make pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts.


Math for All Seasons

Function MachineUse algebraic thinking to find values for pictures.


Measuring Penny

Balance the Scale Select items for each side of the balance. Make adjustments until the weights are equivalent.


Picture Pie

Fraction Models.  Teacher tool for showing different fraction models.

Equivalent Fractions.  Teacher tool for showing equivalent fractions.

Draw a Cowboy Ed Emberley will show you how.


Quarter from the Tooth Fairy

Name the State. Learn the locations of the states on a US map.

State Data MapFactual data about the states. Print a blank map.


Shape Up

Patch Tool.  Make pictures with pattern blocks.


Spaghetti and Meatballs for All

Cube Nets.  Figure out which pentomino shapes make open cubes. Then try these to see about closed cubes.


Wanda’s Roses

Spirals in Nature.  See photos, including a closeup of a rose.