Advanced Funbook 1 Links

Activities related to books featured in Advanced Funbook 1 (TEAL).

All in a Day

Time Zones.  See time zones around the world.
What Time is It?  Look up the current time in cities around the world.
Name the State. Before you think about time zones, test yourself about where each state is located on the map!

Anno’s Magic Seeds

Natural DisastersRead about disasters faced by farmers like Jack.

Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares

An Introduction to Magic Squares.  General information.

History of Magic Squares.

Franklin’s Magic Squares.  Benjamin Franklin’s fascination with magic squares.

Magic Squares.  More information.

A Cloak for the Dreamer

Tessellations Interactive explorations.
Totally Tessellated.  Includes tessellations by M. C. Escher

Tessellation Creator.  Great tool for exploring tessellations of different polygons.

Cut Down to Size at High Noon

Dirt Bike – Practice with equivalent fractions and ratios as you race your dirt bike in a competition with three other students from around the world.

Ratio Blaster – Select a space ship showing a fraction like  “6/9” that is equal to a given ratio in the form “2 to 3.”

Esio Trot

Turtles.  Information about turtles and tortoises as pets, including information about salmonella poisoning.
Secret Codes.  Three fun ways to do secret codes.

The King’s Chessboard

Exponential growth and decay.  Keep studying your math and some day you may understand these impressive mathematical formulas!

Bacterial growth. A word problem about bacteria, and more mathematical calculations! To understand how fast the bacteria are growing, check out the numbers for 0 hours, 6 hrs and 36 hours!

My Name is Jorge

Popular Names.  Frequency of names for newborn children in the US, by year.

Introduction to Spirolaterals.  A great start for introducing spirolaterals to kids.

Explaining spirolateral outcomes.   A full lesson for ages 9-16.  Good explanations about how the patterns emerge.

Multiplication tables as spirolaterals.  Instead of using the alphabet (as in the Funbook lesson), use the multiplication tables to generate numbers for making spirolateral designs.

LOGO Experiment with programming in LOGO.  Make the turtle walk FD or BK, or turn RT or LT.  (He takes teeny steps.) Try making spirolaterals using the programming commands.

On Beyond a Million

A Million Pennies.  Select “MegaMoo” to look at cows instead of pennies.
Big Numbers.  A chart that shows how to say very small fractions and very big numbers!

One Hundred Hungry Ants

Sieve of EratosthenesAn animation showing how to find prime numbers to 400.

Millionaire game.  Like the TV show. Good review of key ideas about factors, multiples, prime numbers.  But you can only play once! (the questions are the same each time).   Fun way to wrap up your unit on these topics.  Play as an individual or a team.

Math Lines X Factor.   Shoot the factor “bullet ball” at numbers on the math line, to make a given product.

Factor Trees.  Make factor trees for a given number.              

Pigs at Odds

Rolling the Dice: Theoretical Probability Investigate the odds of rolling a five using one die or two dice.  (Eleven SUMS are possible, but 36 different rolls.)
Rolling the Dice: Experimental Probability. Increase the number of rolls and see how experimental results compare with theoretical outcomes.
Pass the Pigs  - Probabilities for rolling pigs in the commercially available game “Pass the Pigs.”
Class Project.  Charts and graphs for showing experimental results for rolling the pigs.
Spinners.  Spin the spinner and see the results on a histogram. Change the spinner to do your own experiments. Do one spin at a time, or click “Results” to tell how many times you want to spin.

Roman Numerals I to MM

Roman Numerals.   Convert from Arabic to Roman, or vice versa.
Counting Systems.  A quick overview of Egyptian and Babylonian counting systems, zero and the decimal system, the abacus, Roman numerals, and binary numbers.

Salt in His Shoes

Michael Jordan. Biography, with statistics about his basketball career.
Growth Patterns. See height/weight and other growth charts for boys and girls and different ages. Scroll to bottom of page to select a growth chart that you would like to see.

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Stone

Polyhedrons.  Nets to cut and fold.  An activity for individual students, or for small groups as a class activity.

The Story of Money

Currency Conversions.  Current value of the US Dollar compared with foreign currencies. Updated hourly.   Also see world map with changes in value of US and several foreign currencies, from 1 day ago to 1 year ago.

 European Currency.  Information about the new European currency.

Large Bills Info about large bills in US currency.

Security Features on US Bills.  Use online magnifier to see features up close.

$5 bill       $10 bill      $20 bill   $50 bill    $100  bill

More information about the $100 bill.  This bill was released in October 2013.

Tiger Math

Wildcats of the World. Click on “SPECIES.”  Then click on the name of a continent to get information and pictures about all the big cats who live on that continent.