Other Packets

Anatole (count in French, take a survey)

pm-1312 anatole

Anatole is an honorable mouse.  Late at night, he goes to the cheese factory. But Instead of just stealing the cheeses, he leaves little notes about each one. The factory owners value Anatole’s ratings, but of course they do not know that he is a mouse!  The lesson involves tasting and rating several cheeses. The class then tallies the results and reports outcomes of the survey.  (Then everyone makes a mouse with a tail made out of a pipe cleaner or candy cane.)

Anatole lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares (number sense)

postli-03 ben

The book gives an overview of Ben Franklin’s amazing life. Among other things, he loved to make magic squares where the rows, columns and diagonals all add to the same sum.  Try the method in the book, but then try making magic squares using algebra. This is a book for upper elementary grades 6-7-8.

Ben Franklin lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Penny the Forgotten Coin (pennies, collecting pennies)

pm-1304 penny

Penny is feeling bad because no one uses pennies any more.  Read about how she was used in the past and rejoice when John finds at least one way that she is still useful.  Then learn about the characteristics of pennies, and start a penny collection by year.

Penny lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Pigs Go to Market (Halloween, consumer math)

pm-1310 pigs go to market

It’s Halloween and the pigs ate all the candy before the trick-or-treaters arrived!  They need to go back to the store and buy some more.  Find out what they buy, and do the math about which candy is the best value.

Pigs Go to Market lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Pigs on a Blanket (time, elapsed time)

pm-1307 pigs on blanket

The Pig family is going to the beach, but things keep happening to make them later and later.  Watch the clock as the time disappears.  This lesson is about telling time and figuring out elapsed time.  Lesson extensions include digital time, analog time, and military time.

Pigs On a Blanket lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Snowflake Bentley (hexagonal snowflakes)

pm-1301 snowflake bentley

Wilson Bentley grew up in Vermont and was fascinated by snowflakes.  He became the first man to photograph snowflakes and was surprised that he never found two snowflakes that were exactly alike.  This lesson is about hexagons and snowflakes.  Learn how to cut beautiful six-pointed snowflakes.

Snowflake Bentley lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Three Pigs, One Wolf and Seven Magic Shapes (tangrams)

pm-1311 3pigs one wolf

The pigs in this book are cousins of the original three pigs, and they are having problems with big Brad Wolf.  The story is told in tangrams (the seven “magic” shapes).  The math lesson is about the geometry in the seven shapes.  Kids develop spatial sense using flips, slides and turns to make pictures.

Three Pigs lesson packet (with two featured books) – $16.95

We All Went on Safari (counting in Swahili)

pm-1302 safari

The book’s subtitle is “A Counting Journey through Tanzania.”  Learn about life in Tanzania, and how to count in Swahili.  Supplement the lesson with African artifacts, maps and flags of Africa, or African music and dance.  The lesson packet has directions for making a mancala game out of an egg carton… and directions for the game.

We All Went lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95