Funbook A Packets

FUNBOOK A PACKETS (Primary Grades K-2):

Beep Beep Vroom Vroom (visual patterns)

pwa-01 beep vroom

Eric likes to play with his cars.  His little sister likes to mess them up, so Eric always leaves them in a pattern so he can tell if she has touched them.   The math lesson is about recognizing and creating visual patterns.

Beep Beep lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Benny’s Pennies (counting pennies, collecting pennies)

pwa-02 benny

This is an easy reader. Benny has five pennies and he buys little presents for his family. Count backwards from 5 to 1. Use coins as markers, in a game of BANKO (played like BINGO). To count the coins, practice counting by 1’s (for pennies), by 5’s (for nickels), or by 10’s (for dimes).

Benny’s Pennies lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Fiesta con Pizza (fractions)

pwa-03 fiesta

Fiesta con Pizza: Pizza Party is a bilingual book written in Spanish and English. One pizza is cut into 8 slices (eighths), the other pizza into 6 slices (sixths).  Make miniature pizzas using deli lids and miniature tubs of Play-Doh™ (the kind you get at the Dollar Store on Halloween). Cut the Play-Doh pizzas into halves, fourths, eighths, thirds, sixths. Play a fraction game to find fraction equivalents.  Build student understanding of fractions.

Fiesta con Pizza lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (counting backwards)

pwa-04 five monkeys

This is the classic sing-song rhyme, making it good for beginning readers who are practicing counting backwards from 5 to 1.  Follow up with other Five Little Monkeys books by the same author.  The math activity involves making monkey puppets by putting stickers on tongue depressors. An auxiliary activity is described for acting out the other familiar rhyme about “Ten in the Bed,” to practice counting backwards from 10 to 1.

Five Little Monkeys lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Grandpa’s Quilt (spatial sense)

pwa-05 grandpa quilt

Grandpa loves his quilt made with 36 squares in a 6-by-6 array, but his toes are cold.  The grandchildren rearrange the squares until they succeed in making a 9by4 quilt that is long enough to cover Grandpa’s toes. In the lesson, we use big squares to act out the story. Discuss the idea that the same 36 squares were used to make a square (6 rows of 6) and a rectangle (9 rows of 4).  Further develop spatial sense by using little squares to make 3-by-3 and 4-by-4 quilt patterns.

Grandpa’s Quilt lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab (counting, adding, algebra)

pwa-06 one is snail

The pictures tell the story.  The book focuses on the number of legs on various animals, especially snails (with one foot) and crabs (with ten feet). Math activities in the lesson include counting by ones and tens, doing beginning addition, and engaging in algebraic thinking. Make a crab out of a paper plate.

One is Snail lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Rooster’s Off to See the World (graphing)

pwa-07 rooster

As Rooster walks along, he asks some animals to join him as he goes off to see the world. Each page of the book has a picto-bar graph showing the number of animals who are now part of the adventure.  When it gets dark, the animals get scared and go home!  The lesson involves making a farm scene, then counting and graphing the number of animals on the farm.

Rooster lesson packet (with two featured books) – $16.95

What Comes in 2′s 3′s and 4′s? (number sense)

pwa-08 what comes 2-3-4

Read the book to find real-world examples of things that come in 2’s 3’s and 4’s. Think of things that come in other size groups, like 5’s or 6’s or 12’s!   The lesson involves playing games where the goal is to find pairs of two (Memory); making three in a row (Tic Tac Toe); and connecting four lines to make a square (Dots).

What Comes in 2′s 3′s and 4′s lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95