Funbook 2 Packets

FUNBOOK 2 PACKETS (Elementary Grades K-4):

Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream (multiplication)

pw2-01 amanda-200

Amanda Bean likes to count things, but people keep telling her that multiplication is sometimes a more efficient way to count.   She doesn’t believe them untll she has a nightmare about counting sheep.  The math lesson is about multiplication. Begin by making groups, then making arrays and using a multiplication chart.

Amanda Bean lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Chrysanthemum (graphing, using a calculator)

pw2-02 Chrysanthemum-200

Chrysanthemum loves her name… until she goes to school and people make fun of her.  How many letters are in YOUR name?  Make a graph. Practice addition, with or without a calculator, to find out what your name is worth if A=1, B=2, etc.  Do other fun activities on the calculator.

Chrysanthemum lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Measuring Penny (measuring)

pw2-03 measuring-penny

The book describes a school assignment about measuring something as many ways as possible. One girl decides to measure her dog, Penny. The Let’s Read Math activity involves having children measure their stuffed animals to compare their height, length, weight, and other characteristics, using standard and non standard measurement tools.

>Measuring Penny lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Picture Pie (fractions)

pw2-04 picture-pie-200

Ed Emberley is known for his art books for children.  In this book, he uses parts of a circle (halves, fourths, and eighths) to assemble colorful designs and pictures – of animals, flowers, fish, and other things. The lesson involves playing a fraction game, creating “fraction fish”, recording fraction pieces used, and (for older children) figuring out the total value of the fish.

Picture Pie lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

A Quarter From the Tooth Fairy (money, United States)

pw2-05 quarter

A boy gets a quarter from the tooth fairy and spends it on items which he later returns for a refund.  Each time he gets a refund he gets a different combination of coins.  Lesson involves ways to make 25¢. Then children look at quarters up close and start their own collection of state quarters.

Quarter lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All (area and perimeter)

pw2-06 spaghetti-200

Mr. and Mrs. Comfort are having a family reunion.  They have 9 square tables, to seat 36 guests.  But when the guests start pushing tables together, there aren’t enough places for everyone to sit down.  Why? Lesson is about area and perimeter.  Use 5 Cheez-Its™ crackers to create pentomino shapes, then figure out the perimeter of each one.  Why is the perimeter  different?

Spaghetti lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

The Sundae Scoop (combinations, multiplication)

pw2-07 sundae-scoop

The book is about making sundaes for the school fair.  How many kinds of sundaes can be made with 2 flavors of ice cream, 3 kinds of sauce and 2 different toppings (sprinkles and nuts)?  A tree diagram is used to show the possible combinations, and it is adjusted when the marshmallow spills, the sprinkles disappear, and the chocolate ice cream melts.  The math lesson explores other combinations, too, like 4 flavors or ice cream with 2 kinds of cones.  Read lesson directions about having a sundae party at your own site.

Sundae lesson packet (with featured books) – $16.95

Wanda’s Roses (spirals, aerial view)

pw2-08 wandas-roses

Wanda finds a thorn bush in a vacant lot, but is convinced it’s a rose bush. She convinces the whole neighborhood to help her clean up the lot to make a rose garden.  Go online to study spirals in nature.  Make spiral roses out of tissue paper.  Nice lesson for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Wanda’s Roses lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95