Funbook 1 Packets

FUNBOOK 1 PACKETS (Elementary Grades K-4):

Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday (money)

pw1-01 alexander-200






Alexander has trouble saving money. The lesson involves counting coins, playing games about money, making a bank to save coins, and using a chart to record savings.

Alexander lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95


Amelia Bedelia (combinations, multiplication)

pw1-02 AmeliaBedelia-200

Is Amelia learning to speak English?  She often misinterprets phrases.  For example, when Amelia is told to “dress the chicken,” she doesn’t use stuffing mix!  This lesson involves putting clothes on chickens and pigs: tops, bottoms, shoes and hats.  Use counting, multiplication, and tree diagrams.

Amelia lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95


Grandfather Tang’s Story (spatial sense with tangrams)

pw1-03 tangs-200

Grandfather Tang uses tangrams to tell his grand-daughter a story about the fox fairies.  The fox fairies are authentic Chinese fairy tale characters.  The lesson involves cutting out tangrams and discussing geometry: triangles, squares, parallelograms, trapezoids, congruence, and symmetry.  Then make tangram pictures.

Grandfather Tang lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

The Greedy Triangle (polygons, pyramids, and prisms)

pw1-04 greedy-200

A triangle thinks life would be better if he could just have one more side and one more angle.  His wish comes true and eventually he has so many sides that he can’t stand up. Learn about polygons, then use marshmallows and toothpicks to turn polygons into pyramids and prisms.  Look for real-life examples.

Greedy Triangle lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

How Big is a Foot? (measurement)

pw1-05 foot-200

The big king measures the length and width of a bed, using his own big feet.  The little apprentice makes a bed for the queen, but he measures using his little feet.  Why is the bed too small for the queen?  Act out the story using a simple script and improvised scenery and props. Then use rulers and tape measures to measure objects around the room.

How Big lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

The King’s Commissioners (skip counting and mental math)

pw1-06 kings com-200

The king wants to count his commissioners but only knows how to count by ones.  The princess explains that you can get the same answer when you count by 2’s, 5’s or 10’s.  Lesson is about skip counting (a good connection to multiplication).  Then use a hundred chart to find counting patterns, and for mental math (adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.)  Use number clues to make a mystery  picture.

King’s Commissioner’s lesson packet (with featured book) – $16.95

Quilts Workshop (symmetry; flips, slides and turns)

Eight Hands Round

pw1-07 eight-hands

Read Eight Hands Round to learn how quilt designs got their names. Use a mirror to find lines of symmetry in the quilt squares. Then read about Sam Johnson, a man who likes to quilt.  Develop spatial sense by moving squares and triangles to make different quilt designs.   Lesson relates to geometric transformations: flips (reflections), slides (translations), and turns (rotations).

Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt

pw1-08 samjohnson

Quilts lesson packet (with two featured books) – $22.95