Individual Packets

Some people want to try just one Let’s Read Math lesson at a time.

Here is where you can pick and choose your lessons!

Each lesson packet has teacher directions and a collection of handouts to use

  • At a family night,
  • In the classroom, or
  • During out-of-school time.

FUNBOOK 1 PACKETS (Elementary Grades K-4)

Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday (money)

Amelia Bedelia(combinations, multiplication)

Grandfather Tang’s Story (spatial sense with tangrams)

The Greedy Triangle (polygons, pyramids, and prisms)

How Big is a Foot? (measurement)

The King’s Commissioners (skip counting and mental math)

Quilts Workshop – Eight Hands Round & Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt (symmetry; flips, slides and turns)


FUNBOOK 2 PACKETS (Elementary Grades K-4))

Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream (multiplication)

Chrysanthemum (graphing, using a calculator)

Measuring Penny (measurement )

Picture Pie (fractions)

A Quarter from the Tooth Fairy (money, United States)

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All (area and perimeter)

The Sundae Scoop (combinations, multiplication)

Wanda’s Roses (spirals, aerial view)


FUNBOOK A PACKETS (Primary Grades K-2)

Beep Beep Vroom Vroom (visual patterns)

Benny’s Pennies (counting pennies, collecting pennies)

Fiesta con Pizza (fractions)

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (counting backwards)

Grandpa’s Quilt (spatial sense)

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab (counting, adding, algebra)

Rooster’s Off to See the World (graphing)

What Comes in 2’s 3’s and 4’s? (number sense)



Anatole (count in French, take a survey)

Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares (number sense)

Penny the Forgotten Coin (pennies, collecting pennies)

Pigs Go to Market (Halloween, consumer math)

Pigs on a Blanket (time, elapsed time)

Snowflake Bentley (hexagonal snowflakes)

Three Pigs, One Wolf and Seven Magic Shapes (tangrams)

We All Went on Safari (counting in Swahili)