Back to school… and APPLES for the teacher!

In this book, little elves work very hard to cut apples into fractional parts that are the same size.

Learn about apples, how they grow, and how they are used.


Study fractions:

  • as part of a whole, like “1/3 of an apple”;
  • as part of a whole set, like “1/3 of 12 apples”; or
  • as a measurement, like “1/3 of a cup of apple cider.”

Math Topics:         Fraction concepts


FREE Downloadable Worksheets:

Teacher Directions (and answers for worksheets)

Fractional parts of an apple (Funbook 2, page 3)

Using fractions to describe parts of a set (Funbook 2, page 4)

Sheet of Apples (page 1 is a BW version; page 2 is a sheet of red, yellow and green apples)


SEPTEMBER Packet… $19.99

This month’s packet includes:

  • One paperback copy of “Apple Fractions” by Jerry Pallotta.
  • Teacher directions and student worksheets (described above)
  • Additional worksheets as follows:
      • A set of large circles for dividing sets of apples into halves, thirds, fourths and eighths (use with the sheet of apples)
      • Tasting Party: A survey sheet for students to rate five different kinds of apples. (Then make bar graphs to show results of the survey.)
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