November 2012

Election year! A great time to think about a king who had so many commissioners that he had to ask his royal advisors to count them up!  The king could only count by ones.  He was perturbed when one royal advisor counted by twos, and another by fives.  Then the royal princess counted by tens, and explained how they each used a different way to count, but they all got the same answer!

Math Topics:

Skip counting.  Patterns in the hundred chart.  Using a hundred chart for mental math.!

FREE Downloadable Worksheets:

Teacher Directions (and answers for worksheets)

Two pages from Funbook  1:


Additional pages from the Funbook 1 Workshop Binder:

NOVEMBER Packet… $19.99

This month’s packet includes:

  • One paperback copy of “The King’s Commissioners” by Aileen Friedman.
  • Teacher directions and the five student worksheets.
  • Two additional puzzles for the game “What Picture Am I Making?”
  • A set of 24 student hundred charts, 4” square and laminated for use with low-odor dry erase markers (not included).

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