Common Core

In 2010, the Common Core State Standards were released for English-Language Arts and Mathematics. As of September 2013, forty-five states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense have adopted the Common Core State Standards for use in their schools. The goal is to have all states abide by the same core standards. Content topics are listed for each grade level. Eight mathematical practices are identified to describe the varieties of expertise that mathematics educators at all grade levels should seek to develop in their students.

To help with your lesson planning, we have identified the Common Core content topics related to the
lessons in our Funbooks. There is a separate chart for each Funbook:

Funbook 1:   FB1 CCSS

Funbook 2: FB2 CCSS

Funbook A: FBA CCSS

Advanced Funbook:  AF1 CCSS

LRM and the Mathematical Practices: Connecting Content and Practices

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