Pigs Go to Market by Amy Axelrod

Whether you celebrate or not, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in America. The National Retail Foundation’s estimates that in 2013, consumers will spend $8 billion on Halloween. The average consumer spends $79.82, including $28.65 on costumes and $23.27 on candy.

In this book, Amy Axelrod offers up a Halloween story about the Pig Family. Mrs. Pig wins a free shopping spree at the local supermarket and loads up the shopping cart with lots of groceries… including their Halloween candy. What a fun way to introduce a consumer lesson about different kinds of candy!   If you want to, you can even get into the nutritional information and discuss Halloween alternatives to candy. (Good luck.)


Math Topics

A good lesson for a multi-age group, with a wide range of possible math topics that are used for multi-step problem solving:

Reading and recording amounts of money.

Weights and measures (in oz./lb, but also in grams)

Multiplication facts using arrays.

Addition with two and three digits, and money. Decimal multiplication with money.

Division (to find unit cost). Ratios and proportions. Analyzing problems.

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  • One paperback copy of “Pigs Go to Market” by Amy Axelrod.
  • Hard copies of the teacher directions and free student worksheets.
  • These additional items:
  •    Halloween Survey. Have students answer questions about how they celebrate (or don’t celebrate) Halloween.
  •    Halloween Statistics. These are statistics related to the questions on the student survey. Have students compare their answers to real-life data about Halloween, obtained from the National Retail Foundation and other sources. Get statistics about candy sales; how many people decorate their home or yard; how many people dress up their pets; and much more! Students may want to illustrate each page to make a bulletin board of Halloween data to share with others!

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