The story of the three little pigs is so well known that children are well prepared to enjoy parodies on the theme.  This one involves cousins of the original three pigs, and a different wolf – “Big Brad” Wolf. This is a tale told in tangrams, which makes it perfect for your math class.


Math Topics:

Skip counting.  Patterns in the hundred chart.  Using a hundred chart for mental math!



FREE Downloadable Worksheets:

Teacher Directions including standards, weblinks, book recommendations.


NOVEMBER Packet… $19.99

This month’s packet includes

  • A paperback copy of “Three Pigs, One Wolf and Seven Magic Shapes,” by Grace Maccarone
  • Hard copies of the teacher directions and the free downloadable student worksheets.
  • Plus TWO 8-page booklets that summarize the story.  One booklet has tangram pictures showing the outlined shapes (easier for younger children); the other has solid tangram pictures (harder to do).  This is a fun way to retell the story events while practicing with the tangram puzzles.


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