Read about Wanda, a little girl who finds a thorn bush in a vacant lot. Convinced that it is a rose bush, she enlists the help of her neighbors to clean up the lot and make a rose garden.


Learn about spirals in nature, then make paper roses… maybe for Mother’s Day!






Math Topics:     

Geometry: investigating spirals in nature

Planning an aerial view of a garden

Number: Finding three addends that add to 10.


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MAY Packet…  $19.99

This month’s packet includes:

  • One paperback copy of “Wanda’s Roses,” by Pat Brisson.
  • Teacher directions for the lesson.
  • A copy of two pages from Funbook 2: Page 31 about finding combinations to make 10; and page 32 about planning a garden.


PLUS these additional items for extending the lesson:

  • Step by step directions for making tissue paper roses.
  • A chart showing all 65 possible combinations for making a bouquet of 10 roses using three different colors.

(See if kids can figure this out on their own!)


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