Greg Tang has written several clever books to build number sense in young children, but this is one of our favorites. Adults like the connection to art, and children enjoy the challenge of combining pictures to make a given sum.

Each page has a copy of a painting done by a famous painter.  On the page opposite the painting there are drawings related to the painting. For example, the first painting is a ballerina painting done by Edgar Degas.

There is a short poem underneath it, called “Dancing Shoes,” which challenges children to find three ways to make a 7. On the opposite page are pictures of ballet shoes: 5 ballet shoes, 2 shoes, 4, 3 and just one. Possible answers would be to combine 5+2, 4+3, or 4+2+1.  Eleven other paintings are included in the book, and the problems get harder and harder.


The last painting is can of tomato soup, painted by Andy Warhol. There are pictures of soup cans,
and children are challenged to find ten groups to make a 10.


Math Topics:      Problem solving and reasoning about addition.

Composing and decomposing numbers.

(Optional) Writing number sentences to show solutions.


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One paperback copy of “Math-terpieces: The Art of Problem Solving”

by Greg Tang.

  •  Copies of the two worksheets from Funbook 1.

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