Winnie, the lunch lady, is helping the children plan a sundae booth for the school picnic.  What kinds of ice-cream and toppings will they use?  How many combinations are possible?  This lesson involves counting, adding, multiplying and fractions.  Suitable across grade levels.  Nice lesson for end-of-year or summer, especially if you decide to have your own ice-cream party!



Math Topics:        Problem solving and reasoning about combinations,

Charting data using a tree diagram.

Counting, adding, multiplying, and fractions related to the chart.
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The June packet includes one paperback copy of “The Sundae Scoop” by Stuart J. Murphy, student worksheets, and teacher directions (including suggestions for having your own sundae party).  In addition, you will get a set of the 18 large sundaes that are possible using the flavors we suggested (vanilla and chocolate ice cream, orange sherbet, chocolate sauce, frozen strawberries, and whipped cream) The large sundae pictures are good to use for making a large, wall-size chart to post on a bulletin board or in a hallway near your sundae party.


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