February is Black History Month, so let’s go to Africa!

Africa is the original homeland of about 100 million Black people living in the Western Hemisphere. Studying the rich culture of Africa allows African-American students to become increasingly proud of their African heritage.  At the same time, other students are reminded of the contributions made by all cultures to the multi-cultural fabric that makes America so special. — This book is about counting African animals found on the grasslands of Tanzania. The counting is done in Swahili, and the book has a collection of interesting facts at the back – about the animals featured in the book, about the country of Tanzania, the Maasai people, and some Swahili names that parents give their children. Use the book to launch other discussions and projects about Africa. We have some ideas to get you started!

Math Topics:


Counting and Numbers.  Discussion: “Why do people need numbers?” Computation: Making 10’s to facilitate addition.

See if children know how to count in other languages besides English.

FREE Downloadable Worksheets:


  • Teacher Directions.  Talking points for when you read the book. Lists of additional books.

Project ideas related to African music, games, crafts. Technology connections.

  • Counting in Swahili.  A cut and paste activity. Or, use this idea for making a bulletin board where

students have to attach the Swahili number word to the correct numeral.

FEBRUARY Packet… $19.99

This month’s packet includes TWO paperback books, with student worksheets.


    • One paperback copy of We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs (about Tanzania)
    • Teacher Directions
    • Student Worksheets: two about Swahili, and one for problem-solving
    • Mancala Rules.  A simple version of the rules for playing Mancala.
    • One paperback copy of  Emek a’s Gift  by Ifeoma Onyefulu (about Nigeria)
    • Student Worksheets about Emeka, from the Let’s Read Math Funbook 2:
      o Vocabulary about African culture in Nigeria.
      o A page for starting your own counting book.

Price Includes Shipping and Handling