Anatole is a Parisian mouse who feels bad about stealing food. At the Duval Cheese Factory, he figures out how he can EARN a living.   Anatole and his friend, Gaston, visit the cheese factory each evening and review the merits of each kind of cheese. They leave notes behind, with suggestions for improvement.  Monsieur Duval, the factory owner, is most impressed and asks to meet Anatole. This is impossible, of course, so Monsieur Duval writes him a letter, making him the FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF CHEESE TASTING.  Now Anatole has permission to eat all the bread and cheese he wants!



Math Topics:

Data and graphing: bar graphs and a circle graph.

Thinking about ratios in the process of making a circle graph.

Finding an average.

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  • A paperback copy of “Anatole,” by Eve Titus.
  • Hard copies of the teacher directions and the free downloadable student worksheets.
  • A sample mouse ornament.
  • PLUS introduction to French:
    • Counting from 1 to 10.
    • French phrases used in the book.
  • Just added!  We are including a sample solution to the mouse problem posed in the teacher directions:  If you have just ONE PAIR of mice, how many mice would you have after four months?  (Read the teacher directions to get relevant facts about mice!) 

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