December 2012


Ah December… Soon it will be New Year’s Eve! In this book, P. Bear plans a fashionable black-and-white party for his friends, who all happen to be black and white animals. Watch the daytime sky change to night-time as the first guest arrives at 1:00, two guests arrive at 2:00, three at 3:00, etc., all the way ‘til midnight. One red balloon and P. Bear’s red bowtie add the perfect dash of color to the party. Happy New Year! Go inside the door and see if you can find ALL the animals. Most are in the living room, a few are hanging around the kitchen. (I’m missing one and it is driving me crazy! )


Math Topics:
Time on the hour. Months of the year.

FREE Downloadable Worksheets:

Teacher Directions


Two pages from Funbook A:

P. Bear’s New Year’s Party, page 39 from Funbook A.

Lesson notes from Funbook A. Have students use clocks to model the story.


Additional pages related to the lesson:

Making your paper plate clocks. Clock hands and numbers for your clock, an alternative to using the stickers and punchouts that come with Funbook A.

Roman Numerals. Funbook page 39, but with Roman numerals, an alternative for older students.

Blank Calendar. For students to fill in the name of the month and the numbers for each day.

DECEMBER Packet… $19.99


This month’s packet includes:

One paperback copy of “P. Bear’s New Year’s Party” by Paul Owen Lewis.

Teacher directions and student worksheets for the basic lesson (making a paper-plate clock and filling in a blank calendar page).



A complete set of twelve calendar pages for 2013, one page for each month (with the numbers filled in). Great for making a complete calendar as a holiday gift!

Task cards for having students make their clocks show time on the hour, using standard digital notation OR military time.

A game of “I Have You Have” to test student knowledge of concepts about time – weeks, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, century, millennium.

Price includes shipping and handling.