One Hundred Angry Ants


Ants are always ready to have fun at a picnic. In this book, 100 hungry ants march off to a picnic, but one of the ants decides it would be better to go in 2 rows of
50… or 4 rows of 25… or 5 rows of 20… or 10 rows of 10!  The ants spend a lot of time lining up, so by the time they get to the picnic there is nothing left to eat.


Math Topics:    Number sense: counting, adding, finding factors.

Making multiplicative arrays. Prime numbers.



FREE Downloadable Worksheets:


AUGUST Packet…  $19.99 

The August packet includes one paperback copy of “One Hundred Hungry Ants” by Elinor J. Pinczes, and hard copies of the worksheets described above. In addition, you will get:

  • Illustrations for how to make arrays, as a prelude to learning multiplication facts (for younger grades) and for identifying prime numbers (for older grades).
  • From Funbook 2, a partially-completed multiplication chart for finding missing products and practicing multiplication facts.
  • From the Advanced Funbook, finding prime numbers using the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

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