About Us

Americans love to hate math. Let’s Read Math™ is about building positive attitudes towards math. No more “I hate math.” No more “I could never do math.” These are messages that children don’t need to hear. We work with children and the adults who care for children – their parents, grandparents, teachers, after school daycare providers, camp counselors, scout leaders, and others.

Let’s Read Math™ began as a community outreach project of the Makefield Area (PA) Branch
of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). In October 2004, “Dr. Claire” Passantino and other AAUW volunteers began doing parent-child workshops at the local library in Yardley,PA. The purpose was to make parents and children aware of the growing body of children’s literature with themes related to mathematics. At each Let’s Read Math workshop, we would read good books and do FUN math activities. Our intent was to get people to stop saying “I hate math, I could never do math.” These are negative messages that children do not need to hear.

Outside AAUW, Let‛s Read Math has made its way into schools and school districts, after school centers, day camps, scout troops, YWCAs, family literacy centers, and teacher education programs in colleges and universities. Dr. Passantino founded an umbrella organization called “Projects in Education” and continues to develop workshops, write Funbooks and provide professional development services related to Let‛s Read Math, with assistance from a growing staff. As of 2014, we estimate that over 5,000 adults and 40,000 children have experienced Let’s Read Math. We are aware of programs taking place in at least 40 different states.  Let’s Read Math is in the process of moving to Philadelphia, with exciting new opportunities for extending and enriching our program offerings, especially within the OST community (out-of-school-time).

Funbooks are designed to promote math conversations and the enjoyment of math. Our original intent was for children to explore math topics in a non-threatening way, as an exposure to new ideas rather than for purposes of mastering content. However, the math topics are directly related to the Common Core Standards, and are especially well-suited to implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Lessons can be used to supplement or enrich the math curriculum, or for re-teaching topics to children who need alternative learning strategies. The first Funbooks were targeted to grades K-4, with an emphasis on grades 2-3. In 2007, Funbooks were introduced for primary grades and upper elementary grades. Workshop Binders are available for turning Let’s Read Math lessons into family nights for parents and children together.

Besides AAUW, the program has received grant funding from Verizon‛s Check Into Literacy Program, the Wachovia Foundation, United Way, General Electric, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Starting in 2014, the Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) has generously supported Let’s Read Math by providing Philadelphia offices for the day-to-day operations of the program. Thank you for your support. We are working very hard to teach adults and children how to…HAVE FUN WITH MATH!