About Dr. Claire Passantino

Dr. Claire Passantino is the director of the Let’s Read Math™ project, and founder of the parent company, Projects in Education. “Dr. Claire” is a Duke University graduate with advanced degrees from the College of New Jersey and Rutgers University. Although she is currently a Pennsylvania resident, she is a math educator with many years of classroom experience in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Virginia – in urban and suburban settings, public and private schools. At one point, Claire had her own computer school for children, wrote children’s books and teacher support materials related to the use of computers, and worked as a computer teacher and instructional technology specialist. For the last fifteen years she has been involved with the reform of math and science education – in curriculum and program development, doing teacher training in school districts and university settings, and working on the evaluation of major educational reform projects across the country. Claire is committed to the idea that to succeed in school, a love for learning needs to be fostered in the home and other out-of-school settings. She works hard to find ways for parents and children to HAVE FUN WITH MATH!